Bergen Cabling: Patchcords

  • BC-15-xxx

    BC Patchcord Cat6A UTP LSOH-FR White

    BC Patchcords Cat6a UTP white. Low smoke halogen free and flame retardant. Standard lengths 0.2m to 20m

    Part nr.: BC-15-xxx

  • BC-16-1xx

    BC Slim Patchcord Cat6A FTP LSOH

    BC Slim Patchcords Cat6A FTP. low smoke halogen free. Standard lengths 0.2m to 20m. Standard colour is grey, but other colours may be available on request.

    Bergen Cabling Cat6a FTP slim patchcords are designed for high density environments such as data centers and telecommunication rooms. The outer diameter is 40% reduced compared to traditional patchcords thus saving space in e.g. a rack.

    Part nr.: BC-16-1xx

  • BC-16-xxx

    BC Patchcord Cat6A S/FTP LSOH-FR Grey

    BC Patchcords Cat6a S/FTP grey. Low smoke halogen free and flame retardant. Standard lengths 0.2m to 20m. Also available in some lengths of blue and red

    • AWG26/7

    Part nr.: BC-16-xxx

  • BC-17-xxx

    BC Maritime Patchcord IP67/IP20 Cat6a

    BC Maritime Patchcords IP67 Cat6a IP67 and IP20. For use with BC-12-021/024. May be used with outdoor APs and CCTV.

    Part nr.: BC-17-xxx

  • BC-20-xxx

    BC Voice cord 1 pair RJ45-RJ45/IDC solid core LSOH-FR

    BC Voice cords with either RJ45-RJ45 or RJ45-IDC. Low smoke halogen free and flame retardant. For use with digital PABX system.

    Part nr.: BC-20-xxx

  • BC-21-xxx

    BC Patchcord Cat6 FTP Waterproof

    BC Waterproof Patchcords Cat6 FTP black. Lengths from 5m-25m.

    Part nr.: BC-21-xxx

  • BC-31-xxx

    LC-LC Duplex 9/125 Armoured & Waterproof

    BC Fiber Optic Waterproof and Armoured Patchcords. LC SM Duplex from 0.5m-20m.

    Part nr.: BC-31-xxx

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