Advanced perimeter security
systems as well as cameras

Sohome do not only deliver specialized IT Infrastructure for shipping and offshore. All infrastructures are a part of our basic national security and today we have to look at this in a broader perspective. Based on this Sohome has established a security department with experts in this area.

We can deliver the most advanced perimeter security systems as well as cameras, information security management. Our security personnel have a long experience from defense as well as international companies with education as Homeland Security Officers. They have the knowledge of routines, process, policy etc. and can help making risk analyzes for your company with our own "Check Six ® analyze program.


Products for the Security industry:

  • Draka QANI-CI Cca R01 Fire Resistant fiber optic cable

    This cable can be used for LAN and WAN backbones, telecom access lines, fibre to business, fibre to the building drop connections and tunnels/galleries; as well as fibre to the home drop and access connections. With its FireRes® sheathing this cable is ideal for indoor installations. It is CPR Class Cca cable with high flame retardant and high fire-resistant performances. The cable with corrugated steel tape armouring is rodent proof. The cable is well suited for installation in ducts and on trays indoor and shorter outdoor applications. Can be used in tunnels in accordance to cable class 3 in NEK601 (11.6.3)

    Part nr.:

  • Patchcords, Armoured

    Armoured fiber optic patchcords are used in customer premises, central offices and in indoor harsh environments.

    Part nr.:

  • BC-12-021

    BC Maritime Outlet IP67 w/1x Cat6a

    IP67 outlet for harsh environments. For use with our IP67/IP20 patchcords

    Part nr.: BC-12-021

  • BC-12-024

    BC Maritime Outlet IP67 w/2xCat6a

    IP67 outlet for harsh environments. For use with our IP67/IP20 patchcords

    Part nr.: BC-12-024

  • BC-12-221

    BC Wall box IP66 for 2xCat6a STP keystone, empty

    Part nr.: BC-12-221

  • BC-17-xxx

    BC Maritime Patchcord IP67/IP20 Cat6a

    BC Maritime Patchcords IP67 Cat6a IP67 and IP20. For use with BC-12-021/024. May be used with outdoor APs and CCTV.

    Part nr.: BC-17-xxx

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